​​​ProQ is the industry’s first cloud-based service designed to actively provide impetus to project success by providing an early warning system that tracks project collaboration and teamwork between clients and service providers and delivers actionable information that can be used to avoid project friction, accelerate project progress, and improve overall success. 

Pulse Analysis Dashboard

Each week, the client team rates the project performance of the service provider and the service provider rates the project performance of the client across 8 critical performance criteria. Anonymously. 

A Weekly Pulse Check Updates the Continuous Pulse Analysis


Weekly Pulse Check


ProQ is Shorthand for "Project Insurance"

Weighted group responses provide clear diagnostic of positive or negative trends across eight performance criteria for both clients and service providers.

Enhance Project Visibility  |  Ensure Project Teamwork  |  Reduce Project Risk

Weekly input assures timely detection of teamwork deficiencies that may harm project progress. The ease & simplicity of the process enables this frequency and imposes no burden upon respondents who tend to complete their weekly input in roughly 2 minutes. 

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